Finishing Touches - Seaforth Project

This home was fresh from a recent renovation, but needed some tweaking and some finishes touches...and a bit of colour! The brief was light and bright to reflect the home's location on Sydney's northern beaches, but it also needed to be family friendly. Read: washable cushion covers and sturdy furniture that can withstand three young kids. The couple who own the home had recently purchased two large taupe sofas, and combined with the polished floorboards and off-white walls, it was all a bit blah.

Existing Living Area


The first thing we did was relocate the painting over the couch, as the scale didn't quote work on the wall. With a little bit of help and guidance, the clients selected a larger sized painting of the Megalong Valley by Orange-based artist Kezz Brett. We then layered in cushions in an array of bright colours to brighten the space and link elements of the room together.

File 1-12-2015 12 17 12.jpeg

It was also important to add a large area rug here to anchor the space, and help soften the room. The addition of a large coffee table (with drawers to hide away all the children's stuff) suddenly transformed the TV area in a functional and beautiful space

 Living area with new artwork, cushions, rug & coffee table

Living area with new artwork, cushions, rug & coffee table